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BaSH (Bourne Again SHell)

BaSH (Bourne Again SHell) is a powerful shell programming language that comes preinstalled with many UNIX and Linux based operating systems, including Ubuntu.

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My Ubuntu Obsession

In the Linux world, I'm most familiar with Ubuntu, which is why you'll find most code examples on my site are based on that platform. Much like Red Hat, Ubuntu has strong corporate backing and a vibrant open source community. It is one of the best supported Linux distros, and provides a great platform for tutorials.

As of this writing, Ubuntu 16.04.x LTS server is my go-to version. I prefer to hang a back a bit from cutting-edge versions of any operating system. I value stability and the fact a modicum of bug-cleaning has already occurred over the “latest and greatest” version of almost anything, unless there is a compelling reason to jump on board earlier. I submit to you that reliability does (or should) trump feature sets for almost all applications. Most operating systems need a minimum of a year in production before the most egregious bugs have been identified and squashed. And sometimes, upgrading just isn't necessary.

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Useful documents on Linux networking are difficult to come by. The technology is old, but remains relevant. Like an ancient library, the Internet is filled with useful information, but disseminating it from the background noise of irrelevant findings is a challenging task. My goal here is to consolidate the most useful, most common Linux networking tidbits of information into a single resource (this site) for reference purposes.

Linux networking is a HUGE topic, and I am by no means going to cover every concept, tool, and scenario. What you will find here is a series of mini-guides designed to help you gain a basic technical understanding of various topics. Whether you are contemplating building or maintaining a firewall, a VPN, a Samba share, or just want to gain a rudimentary understanding of the underlying concepts of networking in Linux, you will find a variety of related articles.

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